2013 March for Life Program

SCHEDULE: January 22, 2013
11:55 a.m.  Walk from Winged Victory Monument to Capitol Steps
12:05 p.m.  Pledge of Allegiance
12:10 p.m.  Opening Prayer
12:12 p.m.  Legislators Speak
12:50 p.m.  Remarks from the Board of the March for Life
12:55 p.m.  Closing Prayer
1:00 p.m.    Time to visit with your legislators

After the March, we urge you to go visit your representatives, senators, and governor:  This is a great time to let them know where you stand on this very important issue.  Don’t forget to sign their guest book.
Here are some bills to talk to your legislators about TODAY!

+ We must stop the Abortion Mandate presented in SB 5009.  It is an infringement on liberty.   Insurance companies and employers should not be required to cover abortion.  You should not have to pay for this morally-objectionable, elective procedure.  Tell your legislators to vote NO.
+ SB 5156 and HB 1257: Brand-new bills regarding parental notification that help young girls make the best life decisions in moments of crisis.  Tell your legislators to vote YES on these. 
No signs or sticks are allowed in the Capitol Building.  Please leave them outside the doors.  Washington State March for Life is a grassroots, all-volunteer, non-profit organization  (www.washingtonmarchforlife.org). We rely on donations to keep up our efforts in the cause of Life.  Every penny counts, especially in these tough times, and as expenses mount.  Please consider a donation to our organization. Flyer produced by Washington March for Life.

NOTES from the BOARD
Welcome to the 35th Annual Washington State March for Life!  We march to remember, and mourn, the devastating 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. But, we can celebrate today that even some of the most pro-abortion factions out there are admitting that WE are winning this fight. This is no time to get lazy, though. Remain hopeful, seize the day, and build on our triumphs.  There are more laws protecting the unborn on the books in the US than at any other time in the last 40 years. Let’s add laws that protect women and children in Washington, too! We might have to save each baby and mom in crisis one at a time, but we are building the roads to do it.  Women and children deserve better than abortion.  We all do.
   There are an unbelievable number of people out there who don’t know the truth. Many of your legislators (here and in DC), our governor, and sadly thousands of women who are lied to daily, do not know the truth. The truth is abortion takes the life of a child. The inalienable Right to Life is being denied to the most defenseless among us. We must honor the value of this right for every person.  We must uphold the Founding Fathers’ call for the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—for All! 
   We gather in this place because this culture of abortion is built on unjust laws, laws that must change. Without all of us working together we cannot begin to change our culture and our laws. We must be united in this same mission. What is your calling in this mission? Perhaps you are called to prayer.  Maybe you are meant to be a lobbyist or to run for office yourself.  Sidewalk counselors, adoptive parents, volunteers at clinics and homes for women in crisis, are all needed.  There could even be ways we haven’t thought of yet!  But whatever your role, we need to work together—and we need to be doing this year-round. Find out what ways you can do more in your community.  Call your friends and invite them to join you.  Tap the shoulder of one of the organizations here today and tell them you’ll join their work if you haven’t already. We will build a Culture of Life for all!
   The truth is clear. Trust women with the truth. Bring on the informed consent laws. Get ultrasounds in every examination room.  Shine a light on the truth of abortion. Ask officials to stand up, and offer encouragement to the ones who are getting it right.
   Go tell your family and friends, too.  We need to change laws-- and we need to change hearts and minds.  We need to share the truth at every level so that we might gather in victory on these same steps one day.  One day soon.
   Thank you for coming and for being on the front lines every day.  This is the civil rights issue of our time, and as with many issues like ours we won’t see change overnight.  It will happen step by step, person by person, and law by law.  We will look back in the coming years and wonder how we got to this abyss, and rejoice in the victory of turning the darkness of this time into light.
For questions or inquiries, our email is info@washingtonmarchforlife.org.