Dear Marcher for Life,
On Tuesday, January 22, 2013, the 35th annual March for Life and Rally will be held in Olympia at Noon.  It is a sad day, indeed, as we mark the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion.  But we bring a message of hope as we come to witness that all life is sacred and worthy of all protection under the law.  We meet every year on the Capitol steps to remind our elected and appointed government officials of their duty to protect human life in all its stages, and promote respect and dignity for all.
The Culture of Life brings hope.  And hope unites people.  That is why we are the largest annual gathering on the Capitol Campus.  Changing hearts and changing lives, one at a time, we are going to make Washington the state that believes in the best for women and babies, born and unborn.  You are needed in Olympia.  Come by car, bus, or van.  Bring a friend, a church group, a civic or campus group.  Carry a red rose, the symbol of the pro-life movement and the victims of abortion.  You are encouraged to bring a sign identifying the area you come from or the group represented.  We want to acknowledge your group and provide you with a program of the day’s events.
          On the morning of the March, red roses will be delivered to our legislators and governor on behalf of our State’s pro-lifers.  Each and every elected official is invited to join us on the Capitol steps.  We encourage you to arrange a visit with your legislators before or after the March.  You may want to designate someone as a spokesperson for your group. Please encourage and thank those who vote pro-life.  If they don’t vote pro-life, tell them why you do.

According to the terms of our permit, there can be no solicitations of any sort on the Campus.  Please do not violate our permit.

Planning transportation to the March: Please be aware that we do not arrange or coordinate buses or other transportation. We do like to know the groups of pro-lifers who stand with us on the Capitol steps. Please feel free to email us prior to the event, so we can be looking for you. Passengers can be dropped-off at the Capitol Campus and then cars or buses can be parked in various areas around the Capitol. Visit to learn more. 

Help Us! March for Life is run by volunteers and costs are rising. Money is needed to cover the costs of the annual event and year-round related activities.  Contributions may be payable to Washington State March for Life and sent to P.O. Box 64275, University Place, WA 98464.
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Thank you for your prayers and support.  We look forward to marching with you on January 22, 2013.