YOU are the March for Life... every day!

Thanks so much to all the Marchers who came out in the pouring rain! It was incredible to have a witness of over 5000 or more strong that every life is infinitely valuable. It is clear that we won't stop marching until we see a true Culture of Life in every corner of our country.

We are compiling a list of the dozens of legislators who joined us. We are so grateful for each and every lawmaker who stands with us on this issue.

Our work has not ended just because we got home and got warm and got dry! This march, and what it means, must carry on with every step we take. We know how very many of your are doing the work of helping those most vulnerable every day. You open your homes, your hearts, your wallets, your souls and spirits. You offer your support and your prayers, all things tangible and intangible, with such graciousness. What a true blessing you all are. You are the March for Life.

We extend and extra thanks to those of you who donated to the cause in our red buckets following the March. We were simply overwhelmed. Each and every penny will be put to good use as we pay for this event and any additional work we can do to make this march last all year long, and until we meet again on the Capitol steps, OUR steps. If you would like to make a donation at any time, we would be happy to take it. We are working on a donation button for our site, but until them, checks can be sent to:

Washington State March for Life
P.O. Box 64275
University Place, WA 98464

There is no way to possibly thank you all, but please know how much your commitment to this issue means to us, and to the babies and moms who need us all. God bless you!